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Job Description: Human Resources

Position: Talent Acquisition and Management/Corporate HR

Key Responsibilities

Talent Acquisition
  1. Create recruitment targets as per the talent roadmap
  2. Identify partner institutions/colleges for fresher recruitment
  3. Identify partners for lateral recruitment
  4. Pre-screen candidates/resumes
  5. Participate in campus pre-placement talks, assist leadership in conducting interviews
  6. Manage the documentation and paperwork related to recruitment

Talent Management
  1. Understand and define organizational roles and responsibilities
  2. Support HR leadership in building the organizational talent roadmap
  3. Identify the key talent gaps and work with recruitment to build the talent pipeline
  4. Work with the leadership team/other line functions to synchronize the talent roadmap
  5. Understand and recommend best practices in compensation and incentives
  6. Gather employee feedback to measure employee satisfaction

HR Systems & Process Standardization
  1. Assist HR leadership in creating/updating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for different business units/roles
  2. Work with IT to create/update the HR database

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